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South System Improvement Project Has Begun!

After many years of planning and paperwork, the upgrades to the South System have begun. The new well is drilled and soon to be ready to go online; Replacement of Highway C Waterline is completed; Highway C tank is rehabilitated and the leaking tower on Highway H is removed and ground work starting for the new tank.

The improvements to the distribution system include the replacement of Highway C Waterline, a new waterline across Highway 67 and up Road 401 to provide a second path of water to the tank, and a bypass line around the Millcreek area with pressure regulators to protect them from the extreme high pressure they are experiencing.

The project also includes the construction of a new 100,000 gallon elevated storage tank to replace the leaking tank on Highway H, rehabilitation of the Highway C tank, a new well and replacing the unreliable telementry system (telephone lines) with a SCADA system (radio communication).

These are the highlights of the project. For the safety of yourself and the contractors, please be patient and drive careful in the construction areas. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office.

Funding for this project is provided through a $2,000,000 grant and a $1,369,000 loan through the Missouri Dept of Natural Resources Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, along with a $500,000 grant from the Community Development Block Grant program.

Project Cost: $3,869,000

Completion: Spring 2021